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my experience is yours to tap into


Jacob Harrison Gissin - founder, and voice behind Studio Harrison. Sound engineer, musician, and vocalist for over 15 years. This studio is the perfect place for that experience to help others. The passion inside Studio Harrison is about helping you and translating emotion. Whether it be Music, Producing, or Post, they all tie into the emotions we try to convey. Your artistry and vision are what matter most as we those into reality.

My experience is yours to tap into.



I originally started in Rochester, NY. My path began in 2002 as a singer in punk, rock, and metal bands. Having some mild success and signing to Amherst Records and then Spectra Records with a band A Thousand Shades of Cold, I've had a great deal of experience as an artist in the industry. When I tasted my first experience in the studio, I fell in love with the entire process. Writing, recording, producing, mixing, and eventually mastering would become my passion. For over a decade I worked to hone my skills as a writer & performer, as well as my producing and mixing talents helping other artists in my scene. Eventually, I flew southbound to Wilmington, NC, a small vibrant coastal city on the rise. I continued my journey of writing and producing with solo material under my name Harrison. I garnered more experience recording, producing, mixing, and mastering for numerous artists in Wilmington for the past 10 years. My 20 years of forming a passion into real tangible music have been ever-rewarding and I plan to keep building on that for many years longer. If my experience and love for music can help you, I would love to share my excitement and energy in the development of your art. 

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