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Is your music finally ready?

Mixing is a big stage in the production process. My job is to take that load off of your shoulders and utilize my experience and judgment to provide you with the best possible sounding mix we can achieve. 

Let's Get Started

When to reach out for Mixing Services?

Do you have tracks already recorded, or a compilation of "beats" or tracks and need them balanced and processed? Typically, as a mixing engineer, my job is to take your vision and help you reach that and go further. Having a perspective from outside of the music's creation can be vital to reaching the full potential of a mix. If you are an artist, manager, or producer and need an experienced engineers' touch or just don't want to handle this part of the process, then mixing services are right for you. 

The Process

There are many ways for this process to move ahead and each project will be unique to you, with your current works and goals in mind. For that reason, I need to hear your demo or a current mix of any works to be engineered. Then we can have a conversation to hone in on what it is you are looking for as an end result. Each project will be different and quoted once your demo/mix is heard and we talk further. Fill out the form on this page, then click the "Upload" button to add any relevant files. 

If you have more general questions or are just still unsure of what exactly you need help with, please feel free to use the contact page to reach out with questions. 

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